Our Mission

Promote evidence-based principles to reduce the risk of reoffense for individuals who are incarcerated through collaboration with community and criminal justice partners, advocacy, education and the development of public policy to better support these individuals.

What We Do

The Reentry Coalition of New Jersey promotes public safety and reduces recidivism by offering individuals exiting the criminal justice system with direct access to reputable reentry agencies and various resources throughout the state to ensure long-term success. Through the work of our agency members, we help guide these individuals, prepare them for their transition out of the criminal justice system and support their successful reintegration back into society.

Agency Members

Our agency members are highly qualified and accredited reentry providers who are recognized leaders in the field of community-based corrections, evidence-based treatment services, effective alternatives to incarceration and criminal justice advocacy. They provide a wide-range of reentry services – from assessment, treatment and support services to employment, housing, mental health, gender-specific support and guidance and more.

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Reentry In New Jersey

Community-based reentry programs play a vital role in reducing the prison population and the costs of incarceration while contributing to marked improvements in public safety, as evidenced by reductions in recidivism and lower crime rates. These programs remove barriers – ensuring that those transitioning back into society after incarceration have a real second chance at life.

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In Need of Assistance?

Are you or someone you know in need of guidance or resources to support an individual transitioning out of the criminal justice system in New Jersey? Contact us via the form below.

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