About Us

The Reentry Coalition of New Jersey is comprised of highly qualified and accredited reentry agencies who promote public safety, reduce recidivism and ensure the long-term success of those exiting the criminal justice system.

We are committed to helping individuals exiting the criminal justice system successfully reenter society and establish themselves as healthy, productive New Jersey citizens – guiding these individuals on the next step in their life’s journey and supporting their successful transition and reintegration back into the community. 

Our Mission

Promote evidence-based principles to reduce the risk of reoffense for individuals who are incarcerated through collaboration with community and criminal justice partners, advocacy, education and the development of public policy to better support these individuals.


Executive Director: Kevin McHugh

Executive Board

President: Lawrence DeMarzo, Education and Health Centers of America

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Kathy White, Volunteers of America Delaware Valley

Secretary: Paul Taggines, The Kintock Group

Board Member: Gloria Plaza, CURA, Inc.

Our Goals

Promote public safety through evidence-based system of programs and services.

Expand the array of quality intermediate sanctions in corrections in New Jersey.

Develop cost-effective alternatives to incarceration in New Jersey.

Build a network of organizations committed to improving community corrections.

Engage communities as a part of the solution.

Agency Members

Our agency members are highly qualified and accredited reentry providers who are recognized leaders in the field of community-based corrections, evidence-based treatment services, effective alternatives to incarceration and criminal justice advocacy.

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