Who We Are

Today, the Reentry Coalition of New Jersey, formerly known as the Coalition of Community Corrections Providers of New Jersey, is a non-profit multi-agency trade organization that continues to provide state-of-the-art community-based programs and services.

Our members are recognized leaders in the field of community-based correctional programs, treatment services, drug treatment, research and in providing effective alternatives to incarceration.

In 1968, legislation was enacted that enabled Corrections, a Division of the Department of Institutions and Agencies, to create work-release programs in several of their institutions. In 1977, after becoming a standalone department, new legislation allowed for the New Jersey Department of Corrections to contract with non-profit organizations for community corrections programs. For over thirty years, the community correction providers in New Jersey have been strong partners with state and local government and have established a successful re-entry infrastructure that affords safe and effective community-based transitional services to adult and juveniles returning to communities all across the state.

The RCNJ continues to expand and improve community corrections to promote public safety, reduce recidivism and transform the lives of the individuals we serve.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote evidence-based principles that reduce offender risk through collaboration with community and justice partners, advocacy, education and public policy development.
The primary goals of the Reentry Coalition of New Jersey are to:

  • Promote public safety through evidence-based system of programs and services;
  • Expand the array of quality intermediate sanctions;
  • Develop cost-effective alternatives to incarceration in New Jersey;
  • Build a network of organizations committed to improving community corrections; and
  • Engage communities as a part of the solution.