RCNJ’s Annual Conference, “Overcoming Barriers to Prisoner Reentry”

On November 1, 2018, the Reentry Coalition of New Jersey (RCNJ) hosted its annual conference in Trenton. Featuring leaders from the field of reentry, including NJ Department of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks and NJ Parole Board Chairman Samuel Plumeri, Jr.,  RCNJ’s conference covered a series of topics related to past and present efforts to improve outcomes for those recently released from the criminal justice system. From strategies employed by community corrections programs  to the deleterious impact of legal financial obligations (LFOs) , RCNJ’s conference focused on current barriers faced by individuals exiting prison, and offered thoughtful recommendations on reform. Deputy Majority Leader, Sandra B. Cunningham, served as the event’s plenary speaker and spoke about current legislative efforts to expand and restore voting rights to those currently incarcerated and the importance of reentry efforts in NJ.

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Conference Materials:

History and Impact of Community Corrections on Mass Incarceration in NJ, 2018

Building Blocks of NJ’s Successful Reentry Strategy: The Assessment and Treatment Continuum

Partnering for Improved Employment Education Outcomes