2017 RCNJ Conference


RCNJ would like to thank all who attended their 2017 conference, “Homelessness and Prisoner Reentry: Examining Barrier to Housing Stability and Evidence Based Strategies that Promote Improved Outcomes”, on June 22, 2017.  Overall, we were pleased to see healthy exchanges across fields and disciplines as it pertained to improving outcomes for some of society’s most overlooked and underserved individuals.  We sincerely hope everyone in attendance walked away with some piece of new information or knowledge that could be shared!

For those who could not attend, you were missed.  Please find links below to conference materials and pictures provided by Mike Hickman Photography:

Introduction and Welcome:







Gary Lanigan, NJ DOC Commissioner







Jim Plousis, Chairman of NJ State Parole Board







Elizabeth Connolly, NJ DHS Acting Commissioner

Session One









Speaker: Pat McKernan

Topic: Homelessness and Prisoner Reentry: Examining Barriers to Housing Stability and Evidence Based Strategies that Promote Improved Outcomes



Session Two








Speakers: Kristin Miller and Janel Winter

Topic: Improving Access to Stable, Permanent Housing for Individuals with Criminal Justice Histories



Session Three







Speakers: Randi Moore and Frank Mazza

Topic: Housing First with Frequent Utilizers of the Jail and Shelter System


Session Four







Speakers: Nick Crapser and Suzanne Wall-Juarez

Topic: Sex Offender Housing: Transitional and Permanent Housing Strategies



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